led light bars with adjustable flood light cover


Provides a strong protective cover with built-in low-energy consumption flood lights.
Protects front of light bar against dust, flying debris, weather and sun damage/discoloration.
Easily open/close the flip cover from one side with our patent pending spring knob and interlocking gear mechanism.
Prevents unintentional blinding due to accidental activation, headlight reflections, and/or glaring from sunlight.
Securely tighten easily at any of the adjustable angles or in the closed position.
Both the bright high-wattaged LEDs and flip cover LEDs can be used in conjunction or separately allowing for optional spot/flood/combo beams.
The adjustable design allows for controlled lighting on camp/work sites and to minimize disturbing others in operating areas.
Adjust to light the immediate path around the vehicle.
Doesn’t require extra space in your vehicle to stow like other light covers.
Flip cover LEDs are encased in epoxy for increased weatherproof durability and complete waterproofing protection.

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